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Disney/Pixar prepared a special trailer to show before Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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For the FIRST time ever in any Disney park, especially for Valentine’s Day: not just Marie but also her brothers Berlioz and Toulouse in the Disneyland Park!

Photos courtesy of Dan Brace of Character Central, via the Character Central twitter account!

Pretty sure Disneyland Paris gets all the cool stuff! But really how cute are these kitties 

Really Really jealous, I need photos with these cuties!!

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Please girls like this photo and share this with fellow sisters so Tri Delta at Chapman University can do well in this competition!!
∆ Love!


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I cry every time!

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I will find myself s can of Libby’s pumpkin so I can have some pie!!

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When my friends and I see a group of obnoxious American girls


We don’t think we are ever like that so we’re just like:

She is so pretty!

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Love this picture

Love this picture

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So excited!

So excited!

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Feliz día mamá!!


Feliz día mamá!!

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Happy Mothers Day

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Studio Ghibli